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I've been golfing for over 25 years. The first 5 or 6 years I had lessons with all kinds of instructors in the Chicago area. Then I was introduced to Don Morris when he was directing the John Jacobs Academy. I've been taking lessons from him ever since. Some years I've only taken a lesson or two a summer, some years more. Don always seems to know just how much information I can take without totally screwing up my head. Last year we really worked hard on my whole game. It was quite an experience. Finding the correct swing path and better mechanics will put a whole new light on the game. Don knows more about the golf swing, short game and helpful teaching methods than anyone you are going to have a chance to work with.

Don is also good for the head. Anyone that has played with me in the last few years knows that I can be a head case with my short game. Don has helped me work on this by showing me proper mechanics, while at the same time showing me ways to overcome negative thoughts and feelings. Gradually we are getting rid of the demons by focusing on the right stuff.

Trust me. Take a lesson from Don! — Dave Rodman

Being a golfer who after many years of struggling to lower my score, I decided that I should have someone who knew the game show me the way to play it the right way. Don Morris was that person. During the sessions with Don we developed the correct set-up, as well as the importance of a consistent swing plane and follow through. His on-course tips and insights have helped me greatly in reducing my score which has made me appreciate my game much more.

Thanks to Don I broke 80 for the first time! — Michael Noone
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He watched me hit for five minutes then asked how much I was willing to practice. I said "How about not at all?" Based on that response, Don proceeded to proscribe adjustments to my setup only. However, he explained that had I been enthusiastic about practice we would have worked on swing path; a much more difficult thing to change.

I thought this was productive for two reasons. 1) The lesson produced immediate results (that are still with me, well over a year later), and 2) now I know what needs work if and when I'm ready to commit more time. Subsequent analysis by another pro confirmed the diagnosis: my path is a problem.

Thanks Don! — Michael Carr
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